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Our portfolio is a closed one. Our customers either insist on being discrete or we sub-contract from others and do not want to hijack their portfolio (most of the time, they have a legal department and that helps too).

Seriously? If you want to know more about our experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to come by and persuade you of our skills, while showing you some of the projects we finished successfully for our customers.

To give you an idea on what we can realize for you, these are real cases:

  • We wrote large parts of an online casino platform (a legitimate enterprise, growing really fast).
  • We are currently working on 2 projects with national visibility for a high profile media consortium.
  • We created an online captive portal solution used in production onboard of a well-known high speed train company. We also created the underlying web services and backend software.
  • We wrote a real-time scoreboard using Node.js for a karting world championship.
  • We moved existing legacy code for an e-learning platform to a Zend Framework based codebase.
  • We wrote a custom e-shop for one of the biggest computer stores in Belgium, integrating with their backend.
  • We support a national e-commerce player to keep their Symfony1 codebase healthy.
  • We even created 2 Magento based projects for customers of ours.
  • We trained 3 known agencies and a team from a well-known national media concern in using Symfony2 and PHP.

You can also read this for some additional information.

Learn the secret to building solid and secure web services using Zend Framework with this book written by us

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