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Not exactly a buzzword anymore, but LAMP still covers most of what we do. Please keep in mind that what we mention here is a list of solutions we are experienced with, not a list of what we would like to become.


PHP is our language of choice. We are 10 experienced Zend Certified Engineers. Solutions we write are created with custom code and frameworks like Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii and others. Using jQuery, Dojo or Mootools, we ajaxify your app. Unit testing (phpUnit), phpdoc, continuous integration and Selenium help us in achieving high quality code.

Database layer

MySQL, Oracle, Drizzle, Valentina DB and even MS SQL are supported as relational database backends. In the noSQL arena, we have production experience with CouchDB and some Mongo DB.

Web application server

The web server of choice still remains Apache, but we are experienced with Nginx and LightHTTPD (with PHP in a FastCGI setup) too. Reverse proxies, Memcached, load balancing, opcode optimizers, Gearman, Phing deployment scripts and cloud solutions are added into the mix for more demanding environments.


We use Linux for development and deploy your apps on our operating system of choice. However, we do support other platforms like Windows and *BSD too. We tune, trace, write shell scripts and compile stuff when we need to.

Besides LAMP, we explore other areas. We experiment with mobile solutions for Android and iPhone/iPad and at times wander off into Python, Perl and Ruby grounds.

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