We are King Foo, a buzzword compliant web development team. We use PHP based technology and open source tools to create applications and build solutions for our customers, either startups, large or medium-sized.

We are qualified Zend Certified engineers, some of us are MySQL and Red Hat certified. If certifications do not mean that much to you, rest assured that our approach is backed with solid experience and a mature attitude.

When we are working on your project, we keep an eye on time and budget. We like to keep customers involved during development.

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Professional PHP

Elevate your PHP skills to a professional level through plenty of hands-on exercises and useful code examples.

Getting Started with Symfony2

The perfect course for PHP developers who want to start developing with the Symfony2 framework.

Tools for PHP Teams

If you are interested in best practices and tools to increase your productivity, then this course is for you.

Custom PHP Trainings

We can compose the course you are looking for, tailored to your specific needs!

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